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Photo of Timothy FLores

Timothy Flores

Apprentice Electrician
Ludvik Electric

Q. What did you do after The Master's Apprentice?

A. "After The Master's Apprentice I got the job I wanted as an apprentice electrician. I applied everything I learned through The Master's Apprentice into my job and it's been helping me improve my career."

A woman speaking in a warehouse setting.

Reanna Werner

Talent Development Manager
Heating and Plumbing Engineers, Inc.

Q. What's been your experience in partnering with The Master's Apprentice?

A. "We have had such an incredible experience in partnering with The Master's Apprentice. They have siphoned some of my best performers within my apprentice program. I can think of three individuals at the top of my head that have come in and set the bar high enough for my other apprentices to the point of exhaustion. These guys are incredible!"

Photo of Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

Program Director
The Master's Apprentice

Q. Who is your ideal candidate?

A. "Our ideal candidate is someone who's been struggling and trying to get a new outlook on life. They have to find an opportunity where they can help themselves, get better, and a new outlook on life. We offer so much when these guys come in like work ethics, portfolios, new resumes, and mock interviews so when they go in for their apprenticeship they're prepared."